Transfer a domain from Godaddy to Google Domains [2020].

Is your domain at Godaddy? Do you want to transfer your domain from Godaddy to Google domain? If yes So you have come to the right place. Today we will give you complete information about it.

I did a domain transfer a few days ago, today I will share my experience with you. And I will tell you about some mistakes that I made so that you do not make these mistakes again. So let’s start.

Full Step guide to transfer(move) your domain Godaddy to Google.

Step-1-First you search “google domain” in Google and click on the first search result.


Step-2-You has seen the same type of page as you see in the screenshot below. Then you click on “Transfer a domain you already own”.


Step-3-You will see a search box. You have to type your domain in the box which is in Godaddy. Be careful you have to type without “www.” Then hit the Enter Key.


Step-4-Then you have to log in to your Godaddy account and go to the product section. “Manage” will be written on the right side of the domain you want to transfer, you have to click on it.


Step-5-By clicking Manage, you will reach the domain settings page. In this, click your contact information in “No thanks” for privacy. then turn off “Domain lock” in Additional Settings.

Look at the gif given below carefully.

Step-6-Then click on “Transfer domain away from GoDaddy” and click Continue with Transfer.


Step-7-Click on “Click here to see Authorization Code” then copy the authorization code.


Step-8-Now go to Google domain account and enter authorization code, Then click continue.

Transfer a domain from Godaddy to Google Domains [2020].

Step-9-Now select “Copy and let Google manage my DNS settings (recommended)” and click on Continue.


Step-10-Your domain transfer work is over 95%, now you click on “proceed to checkout”, (You must be logged in with your Gmail account). Enter your information and click save and continue Then you can pay.


Step-11-Congratulations, your domain has been transferred. Within 6 days your domain will be transferred to Google domain account.

My Experience with Domain transfer.

The day before the “” domain was on GoDaddy. I transferred from Godaddy to google domain on 02.01.2020. And this was my first domain transfer.

When I went to pay, it showed 840 rupees in the “Google domain”. Then I used a Google Domain Promo Code, which I received 20% off. And I had to pay 688. If you want to get that Google Domain Cupon code, let me know in the comments, I will definitely reply to you.


I had made the payment but my domain status was showing pending. I spoke to the Google domain support team and they said that your domain will be transferred within 6 days.

finally my domain transfer on 08.02.2020. I liked that my website did not even down for 1 second. Well, all my data was transferred. I will give Google domain a 4.9 out of 5 ratings.

Our suggestion before transferring domains to Google.

If you are thinking of transferring domains. So before your domain expires in “Godaddy” you have to transfer from there.

Because domain transfer takes 6 days. If your domain expires within 6 days, your website will be down. That is why our suggestion is to transfer your domain from Godaddy 10 days in advance.

All types of domain prices in Google Domain.

Domain ExtentionIndia(INR)US(Dollar)

FAQ’s on domain transfer from Godaddy to Google.

Can you transfer domain from GoDaddy?

You can definitely transfer your domain from Godaddy. You can do this by reading our article. We have explained in a good way, how you can transfer your domain from godaddy.

Is Google Domain good?

Google domain is not only good! It is the best. If you use Google domain then you also get some SEO benefits also.

Is there downtime when transferring a domain?

If you select “Copy and let Google manage my DNS settings (recommended)” during domain transfer, there will be no downtime. We have explained about it well in the post.

How do I transfer my domain to Google?

We have written a good article on transferring domains to Google, you can read it.

How much does Google domain cost?

If you want to take a domain from Google, then it will cost you 860 Indian Rupees or 12 us dollar.

Does GoDaddy charge to transfer domains?

There is no fee for domain transfer, but the domain registrar company you transfer the domain to will have to pay for one year.

How long does domain transfer take GoDaddy?

It takes a maximum of 6 days for a domain transfer from godaddy.

Is transferring a domain free?

Yes ! The domain transfer is completely free.


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