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HTTPS full form is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

We have already told in the thumbnail image that the full form of HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. But today we will know what is HTTPS? And why is it used? What are the benefits of using it? and also we will know more about HTTPS and SSL certificate.

What is HTTPS? and it’s Meaning.

HTTPS is a secure connection. Whatever website you are visiting on the internet, if its URL is HTTP, then that website is not secure.

If we explain to you, it is that when you search anything on the Internet and click on any website, at that time a request goes to the server of that website.

If the URL of that website is just HTTP, then whatever you are reading or whatever details you are putting on that website, if a hacker wants to steal your information, he can take.

But if a website has an SSL certificate installed then the URL of that website will be https and that website will be completely secure. You can enter your any details on that website such as debit and credit card information, OTP and anything else.


What is SSL?

If I explain in simple terms. The full form of SSL is a “Secure Socket Layer”.If there is any request from the website to the server and from the server to the website, then SSL is applied to encrypt the data that is transferred at that time. So that your data remains private and cannot be seen by any other person.

Why use HTTPS? and it’s Benefits.

Nowadays there is a lot of cyberattacks on the internet. And online payments have also increased. That is why we need to be secure.

If there is no security in any website, then no one will use that website. That is why we should use https on our website. And this increases the branding of your website.

And some SEO experts believe that by installing SSL on the website, there are some SEO benefits from Google. And by applying SSL, the ranking of the website in Google is also boosted.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

The website whose URL will contain HTTP, the website is secure and the website whose URL will contain https, that website will be completely secure.

The only difference between HTTP and https is Secure and not much. If the URL of your website is HTTP, then you install SSL for free, your website will also be secure.

How to install SSL certificates for free. And put HTTPS before the URL.

Below are some steps that you can follow and install an SSL certificate on your website for free.

Step-1-SignUp on the Cloudflare website and create an account of yourself.

Step-2-After creating an account, add your website and choose a free plan and click on Continue.

Step-3-Add CloudFlare’s name servers to your domain. Which will provide you Cloudflare. and then click continue.

Step-4-Go to your WordPress dashboard and install the “Cloudflare Flexible SSL” free plugin.

Step-5-Then go to Cloudflare and turn on “Always Use HTTPS”

After doing these steps, an SSL certificate will be installed on your website and your website will be secure. If you have any doubt, you can watch the video below.

FAQs On HTTPS full form.

What is the full form of https?

There are many full forms of https like this. But the most used is the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

What is the difference http and https?

The only difference between http and https is http is not secure and https is secure.

How do I set up HTTPS?

You can set up your HTTPS by installing SSL certificate in your website and it is absolutely free. We have explained well in this article how you can install SSL for free.

Can https be hacked?

We cannot say that https cannot be hacked, but yes it is less likely to be hacked.Absolutely equal to no.

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