CBCS Full Form, Details about the CBCS system.

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CBCS Full Form is Choice Based Credit System.

We have already told that full form of CBCS. If you want more information about the CBCS board, then you read this article completely. After reading this article you will get more information about the CBCS system.

What is the CBCS system?

CBCS is the course system of a college and university. It is divided into 3 parts of the course such as Core, Elective, Ability Enhancement.

In Core Subject, you have to choose a subject which becomes your main subject and it is also called the honours subject.

There are 3 types of subjects available in the Elective, one is the discipline-specific-course which is also called DSE. And second is Dissertation which is project-related and third is Generic-elective-course which we also call GE Subject.

The third one that comes in the CBCS course is called the Ability Enhancement Course and it is not mandatory, if you want, you can read this subject and if you do not want to, you cannot.


What is a good CGPA?

According to me, if you are studying only for cgpa then it is not good but if your cgpa is more than 7. 5 then it is very good. But my advice to you is that if you do not pay much attention to cgpa, study well.

What is credit point in CBCS?

Credit Point is the product of grade point and number of credits for a course.Determine the percentage of your cgpa by using the credit point.

What is choice based credit UGC?

The full form of UGC is University Grants Commission. if you know more about UGC then you can go to this reference-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_Grants_Commission_(India)

Last word.

If you are able to know about the full form of cbcs, then share it with your friend also so that they also know about it. And if you have any question about it, you can ask us in the comment section.

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