Best Caller ID/spam blocker App for android and iPhone in 2020.

Nowadays everyone is using the Caller ID app on their phone so that anyone can know the details of the unknown number and can block the incoming spam calls.

But there are many caller id identifier apps in Android, windows phone and ios. You can use some applications for free and some by paying money.

But today I will tell you about a popular and best caller id app. Which you can use in your iphone and android phone absolutely free.

What is Caller ID App.

Caller ID app is a mobile application, through which you can control your incoming calls. In this, you get some features like blocking spam calls, giving information about unknown numbers, call recording.

But there are some caller id tracker apps in which you also get the “who viewed my profile” feature. Due to which you can find out who is checking your profile.

Best Caller ID App For Android and IOS(iphone)

The best and most popular Caller ID App is the Truecaller. At present, more than 25 crore people are using it.

In this, you get the facility of UPI payment along with all the caller id features. If you have ever used this app, you will know that there are many ads in it.

And if you want to use it without ads, then you have to take its premium and gold plan, in which you will get some extra amazing features.

Truecaller Premium
Truecaller Gold
  • Use without ads.
  • Find out who is checking your profile.
  • Block spam messages as well as spam calls.
  • Check someone’s profile without any detection.
  • Record phone calls.
  • Add a Premium badge to your profile.

Along with all the premium features, you will get a Gold Caller ID. Some people also call it the vip account of truecaller.

Why Use Caller ID App?

As I told you, this app gives information about any new number along with blocking your spam calls and for this feature most people use it.

Truecaller’s database is so big that it has many people with their phone number and name also available. You too can use it for your benefit.

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