Download Anu Script Manager 8.0/ 7.0/6.0 For Windows 7, 8, 10 and windows XP.

If you are looking to download “Anu Script Manager” for your Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC, then no need to worry! You have reached the right place!

Hello friends! If you are a graphics designer and want to design something in a language like Hindi, Devanagari, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, “Anu Script Manager” of Anu Graphic System is going to be a better typing software option for you.

So today in this article I am going to give you this software file (download link) absolutely free. Also, I will explain you the installation process and how to use it.

And I promise you that after reading this article completely, there will be no doubt about your Anu Script Manager. So let’s start.

Anu Script Manager

Anu Script Manager is a Windows based typography software in which you can type in languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Devnagari, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. It is very simple to use that is why it is very popular in India.

Actually this is a premium paid software but I am going to provide you for free today. You can use it for your parental use, no problem will come.

Download Anu Script Manager 7.0 and 6.0

Some time ago Anu script manager 6.0 was much more popular but as every software is an updated version and Anu script manager 7.0 is the latest version of the software. But I am giving download link of both 6.0 and 7.0 below. You can download as per your requarment.

Download Akruti 7.0 oriya(A Popular Typeing software Like Anu Script Manager)

Key Features

Supported Langauges: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Devnagari, Kannada, Malayalam.
Support All BitTorrent.
Supported Applications: MS-Word, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Maximum Windows Applications.
Flash video downloading with Resume broken downloads.
Download acceleration.

Software Details.

Application,s NameAnu Script Manager 7
SizeVer. 7.0(11.9MB), Ver. 6.0 (10.6MB)
File Nameanu_script_manager_7.0
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit /32-bit ).
DeveloperAnu Graphic Systems

How To Install Anu Script Manager

Yes, Friends, as I mentioned above, along with providing the download file of the software, I will also tell you the process of installing it, below I have told you the complete installation process of Anu Script Manager.

Step 1 – First download the above file, and extract it on your pc.
Step 2 -Then double click above the “setupTTF” file. And allow to install the application.
Step 3 -You will be asked to continue the install, you have to click on “Next”.
Step 4 -Then you will be asked to Chose components and you have to default and click on “Next”.
Step 5 -Now you will be asked about the folder to install programs, you can keep it defaults and also change it and then you have to next.
Step 6 -After asking everything, you will be asked to install, you have to click on “Install”. And have to wait for some time.
Step 7 -Congratulations! Now “Anu Script Manager” is installed in your System. You have to restart your PC once.

System Requirements

You must have some requirements in your system(Computer) to install any version of anu script manager. We know, nowadays every PC fulfills this requirements. But still I provide you the list below, so that you will know about it.

Higher version windows than “Windows XP”.
Processor should be faster than Intel Pentium IV.
It is very important to have minimum 512 MB RAM in your system.

How to use Anu Script Manager

Just like I had promised you in the first paragraph that I will also tell you about how to use Anu Script Manager, so that I am trying to tell you through an infographic below.

Look at it carefully, and try to understand it.


Last Words.

If you are reading this post till the last, thank you very much from heart. If you are facing any problem in installing or using Anu Script Manager software, then let us know by commenting.We will try to answer your question immediately.

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Disclaimer: I can tell here that the files shared in this post is not our personal. Its original owner is “Anu Graphic Systems”. If they have any problem with this post, then we can remove it anytime. For any copyright, you can contact us through the contact page.

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