Download Free Stylish Odia Fonts [Latest 2019]

Hello friends, welcome to our website. Here we present to you some latest ODIA FONTS for free. As we all know, graphics design is the fastest growing platform, And we are give you to download some Odia stylish font for your design work. Read the full article to know more and to get the download links(odia font zip file).
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What is Odia/Oriya Font?

Odia fonts help to write Odia Language in computer and android phones. You can use it on akruti,picsart,pixalab and more.

Odia stylish font download links (for android and windows 7,8,10).

Download the latest Odia stylish fonts, it is very easy to download and install. For download just click the download button.

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  • Odia Archana

  • Odia Banita

  • Odia Baruna

  • Odia Basudev

  • Odia Vibhavasu

  • Odia Visu

  • Odia Box

  • Odia Hatalekha

  • Odia Jaya

  • Odia Kapil

  • Odia Konark

  • Lohit Odia

  • Odia Nilachala

  • Odia Niraj

  • Odia Odishi

  • Odia Prabhakar

  • Odia Ravai

  • Odia Rudra

  • Odia Sabita

  • Odia Samaleswari

  • Odia Subhadra

  • Samyak Odia

  • Odia Sarala

  • Odia Souri

  • Odia Shuchi

  • Odia Sunil

  • Odia Suparnna

  • Odia Utkala

FAQ's On Odia Fonts.

How can I write Oriya letter in MS Word?

You should read this article carefully and download the Akruti software, then you can write Oriya(odia) in MS Word also.

How can I write Oriya in Whatsapp or Facebook?

Go to the mobile and do the settings given below and you can write Oriya (odia) in your WhatsApp and Facebook ?
Setting➡️Keyboard & input methods➡️Language & input➡️Google Indic Keyboard Settings.

How do you write Oriya in English?

You can write Odia after making the following settings.
Setting➡️Keyboard & input methods➡️Language & input➡️Google Indic Keyboard Settings

How can I type in Oriya using keyboard?

In this article, we have given a video below, you can type Odia in your keyboard after seen this video.

How many alphabets are there in Oriya?

There is a total 64 alphabets in the Oriya language.

Last Word.

I hope I have provided you all the information about Odia fonts. These are the best stylish font in Odia language you can use also with akruti Oriya font software. To get the most out of it, you have to download it.
One Question ! is these Odia fonts are helpful for you?
Please let know via comment below. It will help me to give more information like this.

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